Uruguay the Ultimate Mixed Bag

Uruguay the Ultimate Mixed Bag

Cangue Lodge was rebuilt and refurnished the lodge in 2014. Cangue is a typical Uruguayan estancia owned and managed by Florencia Ruk who has many years of decoration experience and lodge management.


The the estancia's unique exterior is highlighted by a picturesque Uruguayan rural view. Includes 4 double bedrooms each with private baths along with a single room for couples. The lodge can accommodate up to 8 hunters at a time. All rooms have A/C and heat. There is a grand living room and lounge, a separate dining area, and open bar. Guests of Cangue can expect traditional Uruguayan cuisine prepared by a professional chef, accompanied by regional wines. Internet access is fully available at the lodge, as is phone service and direct TV.

Capacity: 4 double rooms with 4 private bathrooms and one single room also with a private bathroom the lodge can accommodate 7 to 9 hunters – single rooms are not surcharged (subject to availability).

• Dining room, living room, sitting room and gun room

• Wi-Fi Internet, Direct TV and telephone

• Wines and spirits

• Maid service

• Laundry service

• Gift shop

• Gun rental – 12, 20 and 28 Gauge (Beretta and Benelli Semi-Auto)

• Professional hunting guides

• Bird boys



Cangue Lodge offers three different shooting options from the same lodge along with Dorado fishing available upon request. All options are 10-45 minutes from the estancia. Each morning you will hunt wild perdiz in short grass pastures over pointing English setters / Brittany spaniels / German braco, or ducks in lagoons and ponds nearby. Every day you will return to the lodge for lunch or stay for BBQ in the field to enjoy the traditional ¨asado¨. Afternoons include a high volume dove shoot at a vast roost 35 minutes from the estancia or hunting on the property itself.

Hunting Seasons:

• Perdiz - May 01 - July 31

• Ducks - May 01 – September 15

• Dove - Year round

• Dorado fishing - Year round



Uruguay’s Cangue Lodge is not your average wing shooting estancia. Cangue is one of South America’s few TRUE 3-feather mixed-bag hunting destinations and golden dorado-fishing. Cangue offers incredible duck, dove and perdiz hunting...all from one beautiful lodge. Hunters also have the option of adding Golden Dorado fishing if desired.

How is it all possible? Cangue is ideally situated in the midst of over 100,000 acres of agriculture fields, sorghum fields, soybean fields, cattle pastures, ponds and riverfront…making it a virtual sportsman’s paradise with game so abundant you have to see to believe. Duck Hunting (May 01 – Sept 15) The duck hunting in Uruguay has always been good, particularly in the upper western part of the country. But minimal local and commercial hunting over the years haslimited the hunting pressure. The limited pressure, coupled with the area’s huge food supply and numerous ponds, make for ideal duck hunting conditions.

From late fall through the winter, this part of Uruguay is home to a variety of exotic duck species including the Rosy-Billed Pochard, White-Faced Whistling Duck, Brazilian Teal, Brown Pintail, Speckled Teal, Ringed Teal, Southern Widgeon, Cinnamon Teal and Silver Teal. Cangue guides work hard to ensure Uruguay duck hunting at its best.

Dove Hunting (Year-Round) The dove hunting in Uruguay is rivaled only by the hottest dove hunting destinations in Argentina. At Cangue, not only is the dove hunting excellent year round, but is a thrilling component of the mixed-bag program that also includes duck, perdiz, and pigeon. The shooting occurs in the area’s rolling green hills and farmlands, often just minutes away from the lodge. In this part of Uruguay, dove hunting helps to preserve valuable crops and farmers’ livelihoods; for this reason there is no dove hunting season and no bag limit! Shoulders willing, guests can expect to shoot upwards of 80 boxes per day!

Perdiz Hunting (May 01 – July 31) There is nothing like the thrill of hunting perdiz behind well-trained dogs. In Uruguay perdiz hunting is an obsession and it shows. Cangue employs some of the best dog handlers in all of Uruguay – locals that have been training dogs and hunting perdiz their entire lives. This vast experience pays off in the field, with Cangue offering some of Uruguay’s most consistent perdiz hunting. In addition to the great guides, the area’s perfect habitat and abundant food make for thriving perdiz populations.


Cangue Lodge is located in the northwest region of Uruguay in the state of Paysandú near the river town of Paysandú. The lodge is approximately 225 miles from Montevideo, the capital of this small country. Most commonly, shooters traveling on international flights to Montevideo will be met by a Cangue Lodge representative who will assist with gun clearance, if necessary, and who will transport the group to Cangue Lodge. The drive is approximately 4 hours through scenic rural Uruguay via paved highway. Other options which may be considered are: Privet Charter from Montevideo: guests arriving into Montevideo may charter to the Paysandu airport (40-minute flight), approximately 30 minutes from the lodge. Privet Charter from Buenos Aires: charters are also available directly to Uruguay from Buenos Aires Argentina Capital. Charters may go directly to Paysandu Airport which is an international airport and offers customs on-site. Important: all charters need to be arranged time in advanced and cost may vary according to the size group and fuel cost. Van transfers from Buenos Aires, Argentina and even Carmelo, Uruguay: guests of Blackriver outfitters may transfer by van from Buenos Aires wich is approximately 4.5 hours on paved highway or Carmelo 1.5 hour from the Estancia after 2 hours hydrofoil from El Tigre Argentina.


• Spa

• Horse riding

• Polo lessons

• Gaucho traditions

• Wine tour & wine tasting



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