Eastern Europe Driven Birds

Eastern Europe Driven Birds

Bird Hunting Eastern Europe – Hungary, Slovakia and Austria

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For those seeking new challenges and unique adventures, we invite you to join us in Eastern Europe for what is arguably the world’s most exclusive and exhilarating wingshooting experience – driven pheasant shooting.

Though driven pheasant shooting has a long and rich history, until the mid 20th Century the activity was generally reserved for Europe’s royalty and aristocracy.  In 1958, the legendary Austrian adventurer Johannes Stiedl II began organizing private driven pheasant shoots for select groups of privileged international sportsmen.  Today, with the help of his son Johannes III and a staff of dedicated hunting professionals, the Stiedl hunting empire has grown to span the entire Eurasian continent. Simply put, there are no other outfitters in Europe that can match the experience and quality offered. Detail Company Adventures offer customized driven pheasant shooting packages designed to impress the most adventurous and discerning wingshooters.

The Shooting 

Slovakia and Hungary have emerged as the leading pheasant shooting destinations in all of Europe.  The exhaustive efforts of the gamekeepers and field staff, coupled with ideal pheasant habitat, means that both the quality and quantity of the birds are exceptional.  The terrain varies from estate to estate and sometimes even from one drive to the next. The pheasant shooting is done in wooded hills, wooded flatlands, food plots and in open fields. The shooting is fast-paced and plenty challenging. Typically, both hens and cocks are free game.  These Ringneck and Korean pheasants sometimes fly 60 yards directly overhead, and with a little wind can easily top 40 mph.  Even the most accomplished shotgunners are often left scratching their heads and questioning their leads.  Bragging rights are always on the line – who will get the highest and fastest pheasants of the day?

Best of all – there are NO LIMITS!!!  You decide when to stop shooting.  Driven pheasants are perfect for both high-volume and selective shooters.

* The shooting season runs from late October to early January.


Beautifully restored countryside castles are used for most shooting programs.  Expect the charm and character of old-world European style complimented by modern comforts and conveniences. Hapsburg hunting estates and the world-famous Eagle Castle (see story below) highlight the choices of accommodations we offer.  A dedicated staff of service professionals makes your stay a memorable one.  Evening entertainment often includes private operettas, gypsy bands and classical piano performances.  Guests are always provided with single-occupancy quarters to ensure privacy for all.

Non-hunters –

Non-hunting guests can expect an unforgettably rich cultural experience.  The options are endless.  Historical landmarks, world-class museums, fine art tours, gourmet European cuisine, rare wines and of course great shopping opportunities are all part of our regular non-hunting TOUR packages. To compliment the thrilling city tours of Vienna, Bratislava and Budapest, our rural church tours and countryside horseback riding options offer a calming escape.  Though there are always plenty of day trips for non-hunters to choose from, most enjoy meeting the shooters in the field for at least one of the afternoons.  The game parade (ending ceremony) and field activities offer a fascinating glimpse into the storied hunting traditions of European royalty.


Platinum Package – Travel and Shooting Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive in Vienna, Austria, touring and group dinner in city

Day 2 – Full day of touring, evening drinks and group dinner in city

Day 3 – Morning touring and afternoon transfer to Slovakian castle

Day 4 – Full day driven pheasant shooting

Day 5 – Full day driven pheasant shooting, transfer to Hungary

Day 5 – Full day driven pheasant shooting

Day 6 – Full day driven pheasant shooting

Day 7 – Transfer to Budapest, touring and group dinner

Day 8 – Depart


Gold Package (Slovakia) – Travel and Shooting Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive in Vienna, Austria, touring and dinner in city

Day 2 – Morning touring and transfer to Slovakian Castle

Day 3 – Full day driven pheasant shooting

Day 4 – Full day driven pheasant shooting

Day 5 – Full day driven pheasant shooting

Day 6 – Morning transfer to Vienna, touring and dinner in city

Day 7 – Depart


Gold Package (Hungary) – Travel and Shooting Itinerary

Day 1 – Arrive in Budapest, Hungary, touring and dinner in city

Day 2 – Morning touring and transfer to Eagle Castle

Day 3 – Full day driven pheasant shooting

Day 4 – Full day driven pheasant shooting

Day 5 – Full day driven pheasant shooting

Day 6 – Morning transfer to Budapest, touring and dinner in city

Day 7 – Depart

  More on Eagle Castle – World Famous Hungarian Hunting Chateau

Eagle Castle is the only 5 star hunting chateau in all of Hungary. Situated in the heart of Hungary’s beautiful northern hill country, Eagle Castle is just an hour drive northeast of Budapest (Hungary’s capital). This historical landmark of Count Karolyi’s family has been totally restored and refurnished – offering exceptional accommodations. From the antique furnished double rooms in the Rendez ­ Vous Wing to the deluxe doubles in the Romantic ­ Wing to the exclusive suites with private whirlpool and sauna in the Belle Etage of the Renaissance Wing, Eagle Castle has it all. These accommodations will not only please the hunter, but also the non-shooting observers who will love this wonderfully unique castle.

Count Sandor Karolyi was a General in the Austro-Hungarian Habsburg Monarchy’s army and expanded his property constantly until the end of the monarchy. Eagle Castle was the Sandor’s headquarters and the guest house was reserved for the emperors and kings of the Habsburgs on their driven pheasant shoots – which are ranked among the best in the world.

Eagle Castle is equipped with an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, sauna and fitness area as well as a billiards salon and bowling facility. All groups enjoy private dining rooms with exceptional French, international and Hungarian cuisine. A staff of over 50 servants is at your disposal.

Eagle Castle is also famous for its Hungarian horse stables. Guests enjoy coach rides, and if there is snow, sleigh rides through the woods around the castle are also a part of our touring program.

Various touring programs are available for non-hunting observers. Ladies often stay at the spa and use our wellness facilities to enjoy a relaxing time at Eagle Castle.

Normally hunters will return from their shoot at around 5 p.m. for the 5 o’clock tea in the main lobby followed by cocktails at the private bar.

After dinner you can sit near an open fireplace and enjoy the same atmosphere enjoyed by the kings and counts of the 19th century!

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