Entre Rios Mixed Bag Hunt

Entre Rios Mixed Bag Shoot! Easy location fantastic accomodations!


Our Entre Rios lodge is one of the world's finest mixed bag wingshooting destinations in the world. Surrounded by rivers and white sand beaches, it's a hunting and fishing paradise. Situated on several thousand acres of private land, Los Laureles is a large, working ranch with in-house ownership of all land and hunting rights. The lodge itself is in the middle of a lush 4,000 acre parcel which is home to feed lots, cow pastures and cultivated fields growing soy, corn, sorghum, wheat and alfalfa. The result is a magnitude of wild ducks, perdiz, doves and pigeons which is hard to imagine. 

Our popular mixed bag package (May-August) goes beyond a typical Argentine hunt by combining ducks, perdiz, pigeons, high-volume doves and even freshwater dorado fishing in one unique program. The September-April season is home to our iconic cast & blast package which takes the best of high-volume dove hunting and combines it with the best of Argentina's freshwater dorado fishing. Fishing at Los Laureles is world class due to the fact that one of our property lines is the Parana river which is the largest body of water in the country. Our river bank and boat launch facility is less than a five minute drive from the lodge making fishing a convenient activity to add on any given day. In addition to our close proximity to the river, an additional jewel of our property is our very own dove roost. We are proud to boast having the only operation in the entire province of Entre Rios with a dove roost on our property. While great bird hunting in Argentina sometimes comes at the cost of long drives to the field, our strategic location allows for drives which are by far the shortest among mixed bag lodges. Hunters are able to literally walk to a number of dove blinds located close to the lodge.

While the estancia proper consists of 4,000 acres, we also own two adjacent ranches which total 10,000 acres in size making it Argentina's largest, private winsghooting operation. The beauty of private ownership means we are not competing with other outfitters for land leases. Because we are not leasing, there is not a financial factor bearing influence on how often land is scouted and baited. Furthermore, the vast acreage we control allows us to frequently rotate hunting locations and not over-stress any one given area, meaning that our birds stay strong all season even with back to back groups. 

The comfortable and luxurious facilities of this five-star lodge include six double bedrooms equipped with air-conditioning and jacuzzi, as well as a spacious sitting-room with a fireplace, a bar, a dining-room with an adjoining grill area and a swimming pool. For larger parties there is an adjacent guest house with two additional bedrooms. 

Our lodge staff prides itself on gourmet cuisine including a number of exquisite game dishes as well as fine wines. The lodge is intended to aid in relaxing from long days spent on foot in the field so rest assured you won't be roughing it here!

When taking into account the diversity of available hunting activities, land management, quality of birds and drive times, other mixed bag operations simply cannot compete with the world-class quality of Los Laureles. 

  • Lodge built in 1994 specifically for hunters
  • Operated by owner
  • Fully licensed by provincial and federal authorities
  • Largest privately owned wingshooting operation in Argentina
  • Exclusive use of land. No leasing to other outfitters
  • Unparalleled land managment and quality of birds
  • Shortest drive times available, typically 5-20 minutes
  • 45 minutes away by comercial airline to Parana from Buenos Aires and 45 minutes to the lodge
  • Luxury acommodations. 6 double bedrooms (500 sq. feet) with private bathrooms
  • Amenities include, wireless internet, satellite TV, gun room and gun cleanins area



All dove hunting is no-limit pass shooting at tree lines with actual fields varying week to week depending on harvest patterns and weather. We own the land used for all hunting and have a feedlot on our property. Additionally, we are the only hunting operation in Entre Rios with a dove roost on our land. This results in very short drive times, typically between five and ten minutes from the lodge. Guests at Los Laureles may even walk to dove blinds from the lodge and enjoy an intermediary hunt before lunch in our mixed bag package. The logistical convenience afforded to our guests is a direct result of owning our land and being the only hunting operation using it. In turn, our guests enjoy the best of what would be expected in high-volume dove shooting coupled with drive times second to none among Argentine outfitters.

Our dove hunting properties include Los Laureles and Santo Domingo. Doves and Pigeons are the only two bird species which can be incorporated into any hunt in the Entre Rios province, any time of year. Additionally, dove hunts may be enjoyed as a 'stand alone' activity at Los Laureles. 

Argentine seasons are opposite from the northern hemisphere. Pack accordingly for either hot summers or the relatively mild winters. Dove season is year around. 


In Argentina, pigeons are not nearly as prevalent as doves and are native to a select few provinces, Entre Rios among them. Because we own concessions to three large estancias in Entre Rios we are fortunate to have a variety of excellent pigeon fields literally in our back yard. Be that as it may, it is nevertheless the case that pigeons are the most difficult bird to scout and by far the most unpredictable in terms of the effects of even minor variations in weather and harvesting conditions. A mixed bag hunt for ducks, perdiz and high-volume doves is rounded off wonderfully by pigeon hunts which add another dimension of uniqueness and quality to our offerings. 

Our pigeon hunting properties include Los Laureles and Santo Domingo. Both lodges offer pigeons as one of the species in their mixed bag package. 

Argentine seasons are opposite from the northern hemisphere. Pack accordingly for either hot summers or the relatively mild winters. Pigeon hunting is legal all year but in reality results vary drastically depending on weather and harvesting. Pigeons may be added to our hunt packages however prior consultation is recommended. 


Duck species in Argentina consist of local varieties as well as migratory ducks, depending on weather patterns. Migratory species include Rosy Billed Pochards and Pintails. The local species which are not affected by migration are Brazilian Teal, Ring Teal, Speckled Teal, Silver Teal, Cinnamon Teal, Red Shoveler and Whistling Ducks. All of our duck hunting properties are in the Entre Rios province which literally means 'between rivers'. Commonly referred to as 'siempre verde' or 'always green', this is the most ideal duck habitat in Argentina due to the fabulous amount of fresh water it possesses in rivers, marshes and ponds. 

Additionally, Entre Rios receives more rainfall than any other area in the country with precipitation occurring twelve months out of the year. While we are able to access hard to reach marsh areas with the aid of amphibious vehicles, we hunt small ponds out of dry blinds just as frequently thus eliminating the need for waders and long travel. 

We have duck fields as close as 5-10 minutes to the lodges but in some circumstances have to drive further. An average drive time for ducks is in the 30 minute range. Duck hunting requires flexibility from an outfitting standpoint as we always like to go to where the birds are the strongest yet we are fortunate to have access to more ideal land than any other duck hunting operation in the province.

Our duck hunting properties include Los Laureles and Santo Domingo. Los Laureles offers ducks as one of four species in its mixed bag package. If a greater focus on ducks is desired, Santo Domingo is recommended for its duck-focused combo package or its duck-only package. 

The May - August duck season represents our winter which is mild by the standard of many other regions where ducks are hunted. Early morning temperatures rarely fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with temperatures rising to the mid-seventies during the day. Clothing in layers is recommended. 

Duck season in Entre Rios is between May and August.


Perdiz or 'Spotted Tinamou' is the Argentine counterpart to a partridge. Native to the grassy areas north of the Buenos Aires province, they are members of a larger family consisting of roughly 12 varieties of differing sizes. The perdiz is one of the most prized species for sportsmen in Argentina and is found only in select areas including the Entre Rios province. Perdiz thrive in low lying grasses in undisturbed fields and pastures. An increase in commercial agriculture in our region has posed an obstacle to strong perdiz numbers in many areas yet our roughly 15,000 acres of private land in the Entre Rios province is largely comprised of cow pastures where planting and harvesting do not take place. This creates a safe haven for nests and hatching which is perhaps the largest area of wild perdiz habitat being hunted in the country and the basis of our one hundred percent wild bird guarantee. 

We stand alone in offering hunting on non-leased, private land which is owned and used exclusively by our operation, resulting in an unparalleled quality of birds. Perdiz hunts consist of walking through fields in pairs with one hunter on either side of a dog. In contrast to quail hunting, perdiz do not covey but instead flush in singles. Dogs both point and retrieve making this a favorite among upland hunting aficionados. The explosive flush is so fast that the bird's wings create a whistling noise piercing the otherwise still surroundings. 

Seasoned hunters will find that perdiz get up and fly much faster than quail. Because they often run before flushing, perdiz also share a resemblance with pheasants although they are indeed in a class of their own. Often, first time perdiz hunters do not expect to enjoy this bird as much as other species but almost always end up favoring it over all other hunts. Our perdiz fields are typically no more than five to ten minutes from the lodge but in some circumstances have to drive further. An average drive time for perdiz is in the 20 minute range, which combined with the unparalleled quality of our birds makes this hunt unparalleled in Argentina. 

Our Perdiz Hunting takes place exclusively at Los Laureles Lodge in Entre Rios province. The May - August perdiz season represents our winter which is mild by the standard of many other regions. Early morning temperatures rarely fall below 40 degrees Fahrenheit with temperatures rising to the mid-seventies during the day. Clothing in layers is recommended. 


The DCA advantage: As always we have tons of options for an Argentine mixed bag, give us a call and we can set up the ideal situation for you and your party! We're here for you, we've spent the time, and driven the miles to know what makes a great place a truly epic lodge. Give us a call at (800) 292-2213 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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