Texas Nilgai....Like there's anywhere else?!

South Texas Nilgai –

The Nilgai is easily the toughest game in South Texas. Originally from India, the Nilgai, is the largest Asian Antelope and is often known as the “Blue Bull.” Nilgai in fact means “blue cow.”  Make no mistake, they are far from any sort of Bovine. Weighing upwards of 600 lbs., it’s a lot of meat to take home, and is it ever delicious! If you have ever eaten Axis venison, Nilgai is as good or better. If you’ve never eaten either, you should pick up the phone and give us a call. Nilgai are one tough customer and have been known to break through fences they can’t jump; are notorious for “leaving the county” if spooked and are hard to take down. The Nilgai has a different anatomy than what most North American hunters are used to, so you will want to discuss shot placement with your guide.



We have several options to fit your price; there are local hotels, a more than adequate hunting camp, or a beautiful full South Texas Lodge with all the amenities! Groups are best at no more than 4-5 hunters – this assures a higher success rate, and more personal service. All ground transportation to the lodge or hotel, and while hunting, is included.



The hunting begins in trucks until game is spotted, then it’s up to you and your guide to stalk in close enough for a shot. Remember this is deep South Texas, full of brush, Mesquite and Cactus. The range can be sparse, or chokingly thick. Nilgai do not act like deer and are best hunted by covering ground rather than sitting at a feeder. A .30 caliber+ is minimum for such tough large game – the heavier the bullet the better, as you’ll want all the penetration you can get. We know of guides who have hunted Nilgai for years and have only seen one or two pass throughs. They are one tough customer.



In Deep South Texas with around 90,000-acres of opportunity – this is hard to narrow down. A general area would be around Edinburgh, just North of McAllen, Texas.  Getting there is easy, with flights from Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio daily to McAllen.  The outfitter will pick you up and transfer your party to the accommodations you’ve selected. It’s a heck of an adventure in South Texas, and you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new country. A sporting hunt you’ll remember for life and eat for a year.

Best time to go suggested by DCA:  November to March

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